Play the Guitar: Lesson 4

   In the previous part we've talked about some of the basic requirements of playing the guitar. That being said (and if you're still interested), let's continue with the next two chords.

   My First Chords (Part II)

   Now that we know the chords E minor and G, we would naturally want to use them in a meaningful way, i.e. play a song. Obviously that is not quite possible, even if a genius like Bruce Springsteen almost got away with it.

   Before we continue: the guitar presented in the pictures has the thickest string at the top, the thinnest string at the bottom. If your guitar is the other way around... you're on your own.

   The third chord is: C

Third guitar chord is C

   This is another one of the easy chords, even if it may not look like it, right now. Three fingers: the first one, the pointing finger, goes on the fifth string, the second one on the third string and the third finger on the second string. Try not to strike the first string, the topmost, the thickest. As I said, try to strike only the 4 thin ones, for now. And not very hard. Or loud. And use the guitar pick.

   The fourth chord is: D

Fourth guitar chord is D

   This is another three finger chord. The first finger goes on the fourth string, the second finger goes on the sixth string and the third finger goes on the fifth string. This time really try to hit only the four thin strings.

   And... that's it! We are one step (or two, actually) closer to playing our first song. Next time we will see what we can do, exactly, with these four chords. We will also see that we didn't choose them at random, exactly. Sure, they are some of the easiest, but that's not the only reason why we selected these four in particular.

To be continued...

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