Guitar Manual

Lesson Summary
Lesson 1 Short introduction to making music. Whistling, singing, playing an instrument.
Lesson 2 Lets get right to it. First Chords: E minor and G.
Lesson 3 The Complaints Department (Part I).
Lesson 4 First Chords: C and D.
Lesson 5 First Song: Dancing in the Dark.
Lesson 6 The Complaints Department (Part II).
Lesson 7 Second Song: San Francisco.
Lesson 8 The Complaints Department (Part III).
Lesson 9 First song, attempt number one.
Lesson 10 First Chords: Am and E.
Lesson 11 First Chords: A and F.
Lesson 12 An Introduction to Strumming
Lesson 12 plus Some common Strumming patterns.
Lesson 14 The Complaints Department (Part IV)
Lesson 15 Barre Chords - An Introduction.
Lesson 16 Chord F barre. Barre Chords - An Introduction (Part II).
Lesson 17 Playing in position. Barre Chords - An Introduction (Part III).
Lesson 18 Third Song: Jingle Bells.
Lesson 19 Our first songs, revisited.
Lesson 20 A normal guitar practice session.
Lesson 21 Chords B and B minor. Barre Chords - An Introduction (Part IV).
Lesson 22 A few more words on Musical Notes.
Lesson 23 Fourth Song: Black is the Color.
Lesson 24 Problems with playing and singing and what to do about them.

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