The Fairy City (I)

   She woke up, just as the first rays of the Sun begun lingering outside her bed. It seemed ready to come in, but not yet. As if not interested. Or as if waiting for permission. She opened her eyes slowly, stretching and yawning, in unison with her house, as it was rising from it's night resting place, close to the warm core. The yellow petals were slowly unfolding, widening as the flower bud was growing and growing, towards the Sun. The flower bud was her house. Or her house was the flower bud.

   It wasn't the Earth Sun, but she didn't mind, since she never knew it. She was born here, in the flower city. As far as the eye could see, houses like hers were rising, hundreds of feet into the air, transparent towers of light, air and water, their prism like petals and stems gathering all from the clouds and the wind.

Fairy City

To be continued...

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