Play the Guitar: Lesson 24

   In the previous part we learned a new song. And... there were some problems with the way I played and sang it.

   My Fourth Guitar Song - Problems

   First of all, it is pretty clear my voice was not the best ever. That's fine, I don't intend to be in the X-Factor any time soon. However. There are some things to avoid when singing:

 - don't eat at least two or three hours before
 - make sure you warm up your voice a little
 - make sure you don't have a soar throat, or something
 - record yourself as much as possible and identify any problems (correct them if possible)

   Second: the way I played wasn't exactly the best:

 - the strumming should be continuous, not with pauses, like mine was during the intro ( I could lie that it was intentional but... I won't)
 - try to relax
 - don't be afraid to strum with no chord on. Just let go of the chord on the last one or two beats of the strum. That's fine.
 - the way I held the pick was not the recommended one, which made the strings sound somewhat out of sync with each other. It is fine, for when we begin, and we have lots of other things to think about, but at some point we should reconsider. Or make the effort to learn it right the first time.

   That's about it. I will make a new recording as soon as possible (hopefully a better one). See you next time.

To be continued...

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