Scene Two

   Same place as before.


   At exactly that moment Jack walked in, coming out of nowhere. “Good morning, honey”, he said to his wife. “What’s going on here? I heard some noises”.
   “Oh, it’s nothing, dear,” she said playfully. “Just some harmless fun, that’s all.”
   “I see...”, he replied, not exactly believing her. “ You’ve been harassing the poor Lieutenant again, haven’t you?”, he said, his face suddenly severe.
   “Don’t worry, dear”, she said, purring her way out of trouble. “Just some harmless fun, to pass the time.”
   “Riiight...”, he said, putting on his “I don’t exactly trust you” look.
   “But enough about that,” she said, changing the subject. “Where have you been?”, she retaliated, her face changing to an inquisitive cold mask in a heartbeat. “Huh?”
   “Oh, that! Heh, heh...”, Jack started. “The General called. I was just getting ready to go there right now.”
   Rebecca's face softened suddenly, with a worried look in her eyes.
   “No... At least I don’t think so. I have to go”, he said, giving her a quick kiss. “Talk later.”
   Then the captain stepped away and disappeared beyond the massive white door, opening wide in the equally massive white wall.
   “Why does he get to go outside?!”, a voice mewed a subdued revolt from somewhere.
   “Well... he’s the captain...”, Rebecca said, raising her arms and shoulders.

To be continued...

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