Scene... 1411...

    Somewhere in a room...


    “Com’ on, General!”, protested Bill loudly. “That’s the dumbest rule I’ve ever heard!” he said, gesticulating widely.
    “Why do we have to be married? And worse than that”, he said, moving in closer to the general’s ear, shifting his eyes around the room with a weaselly expression, “do we really have to take the old ball and chain with us?”, he whispered, pointing his head towards Susan in a... ahem... discrete manner.
    “I’ll show you ball and chain!”, jumped Susan.
    “You’d better watch it, Lieutenant...”, Claire jumped on him too, ominously.
    “Ladies... ladies...”, he said stepping sideways, arms raised, palms open, with little success though, because he barely had time to dodge one of the better placed blows from his future wife.
    “I’m sorry... I’m sorry... I didn’t mean any disrespect... I was simply stating...”
    “... the obvious...”, Steve muttered from his corner, immediately attracting the wrath of all women present.
    “Stand down, everyone,” barked the General, rising to his feet exasperated. “The doctors said this is the best thing possible for your mental health. Besides”, he added, “we don’t want you chasing each other all over Mars, Lieutenant, do we?”
    “Hmmm...”, said Rebecca, joining in the mayhem. “I don’t know, General... I think I wouldn’t mind a good chasing...”
    “And I think I can arrange that”, Jack whispered into her ear, while Rebecca smiled at him languorously.
    “At ease, Captain”, said the General. “Not you too!”
    “Our decision is final”, the General concluded. “President’s orders. We want you to have no worries up there, other than the mission. And if the shrink says this is best for you... then... you’ll be married! End of discussion.” Then turning to William.
    “If I were you, Lieutenant, I’d start doing something about that right away.”
    “Yes, Sir. Right away, General, Sir!”
    Then suddenly turning to the General’s aide and dropping down on his knee: “Will you marry me?”
    He barely had time to bolt out the door, skilfully avoiding another shot from Susan.

To be continued...

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