Play the Guitar: Lesson 1

   Music is a big part in everyone's life. It has a role in education, it has a role in the overall well being of the body and soul, in short, it is a good thing to have. A better thing would be, of course, to actually be able to produce, or create music of your own.

   Ways to produce music

   There are several ways you can produce music: by whistling, by singing or by playing an instrument. Whistling comes naturally and it doesn't require any training, really. You just pucker your lips together and blow. Simple as that. Singing and playing though... that's different.

   Singing requires training


   For the vast majority of people singing doesn't come naturally. I mean, yeah, sure, anyone can sing in the shower but... singing, really singing, that's a whole different story. Singing takes training and it takes practice. You don't just stumble upon your singing voice, you have to search for it. You have to find it.

   When you hear someone say: "No, no, I can't sing...", it doesn't mean that they actually can't. Anyone can sing. It only means that they haven't found their voice, yet. The same thing is true for playing an instrument.

   Playing an instrument requires training

   Playing an instrument is not exactly like singing. There is nothing musical about it. I know, it may sound strange, but there really isn't. In the beginning there are just some strange things you do with your hands that you've never done before, and that's it! It is just a form of physical exercise: now move this hand, now move that hand, good boy! Now move this finger, now the other one, and your done, excellent!

   So don't be alarmed or discouraged if it seems hard, at first. It really isn't. Trust me.

My first guitar

To Be Continued...


arakelian said...

to be.
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to be, to be :-p