Play the Guitar: Lesson 23

   In the previous part we've talked about notes. Now we will learn a new song.

   My Fourth Guitar Song

   Today we will learn a pretty easy song but... it has an F in it, which automatically makes it difficult. I will play it using the barre version of the chord, but you will probably use the little F, if you took my advice and haven't really started on barre chords, yet.

   The chords and the lyrics are here (link to, opens in a new tab). The music is here, the version I heard for the first time and liked (link to YouTube video, opens in a new tab).

   The song is pretty straight forward, I play two Aminor chords, one at the end of the current lyric and one at the beginning of the next lyric, the E chord I play at the begining of the next lyric but... that's just how I do it, I could be wrong.

   And here is the video, as promised. Not the best voice ever, not the best guitar playing ever.

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