Play the Guitar: Lesson 7

   In the last part we've talked about some of the problems that might occur when playing the guitar. There are others, but we'll address them some other time. Now we will talk about our next song (and some other things).

   My Second Guitar Song

   It is a song called San Francisco, by Scott McKenzie, you might have heard it before. It is an easy, nice and soft song, anybody can play and sing it, and that's one of it's strong points, I think.

   So. To play the song we need: the guitar, the chords (G, Em, C, D), the music (Link to YouTube video, opens in a new tab), the lyrics and the arrangement of the chords over those lyrics, which can be found here (Link to, opens in a new tab).

   Now all we have to do is listen to the song once or twice following the guitar tab at the same time. You'll see and hear what chords are used and how they change and repeat to create a great piece of music.

   And this is our second song! Just hit each chord only once as you see it on the tab. That's it!

   Just like in Dancing in the Dark, there are some chord we don't know yet. Like Bm. Or F. Don't worry about them and just skip them, for now. We will get to them, but first it is important that we have something to do with our guitar, so we don't get bored and stuff. A set of songs. A playlist.

   If you feel up to it, try hitting each chord four times, instead of once, at any speed you want. See what happens. See if it feels right to you, or comfortable. I know it may be a little bit complicated to hold a chord for too long at this point but... give it a try.

   Next time we will talk more about this "hitting each chord four times" thing.

San Francisco

To be continued...

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