Play the Guitar: Lesson 14

   In the previous part we've talked about strumming patterns. Now we will talk about... well... good days, bad days.

   The Complaints Department - Good Days, Bad Days

   So. As you may have noticed, by now, when playing the guitar there are some good days and there are some... really bad ones. There are days when everything seems to just... click into place and everything sounds great! Really! There are also days when you really wanna throw that stupid guitar away!

   Well... yes... it happens. Playing the guitar is really, really sensitive stuff. There are many things that have to be just right, and there are many things that can go wrong. In other words, there is a lot of entropy there. Let's see some of the reasons why that might happen.

   1. Bad Sitting Position

    It might sound silly, I know, but a bad sitting position can  really throw a wrench in your guitar playing. Always make sure that you have plenty of space, the chair is right for you and it doesn't incommode you in any way, shape or form. (Consider a chair with or without a back support). Make sure that you are not jammed into some corner, there is no discernible wind or draft, your feet are at the right height, your upper body clothing does not incommode you, there are no holds on your movements, your hands can move freely and so on.

   It is really important that you feel totally comfortable.

   2. Bad Guitar Position

    The same goes about how you hold the guitar. I am not the one to give advice on how to hold the guitar but... you should always make sure it is comfortable, you can easily see all the strings and you can reach all the positions on the fretboard. There are lots of examples on the Internets that show some good guitar positions and some really bad ones. So... always experiment and choose one guitar position that you feel the most comfortable with. Or more positions, depending on what you're doing.

   3. Bad Lighting

   Yes. Make sure you have plenty of light, but it does not reflect in your eyes.

   4. Bad Tunning

     This might happen, from time to time. Always make sure you have a good set of strings on, they need to be changed from time to time, always make sure your tuner has a good battery and... that's about it.

   5. Bad Technique

     It also may happen that for wathever reason, your technique will not always be the greatest. Either because you are not familiar yet with the songs or with the chords or because you get too familiar with the songs or with the chords, your technique may experience some ups and downs. Playing guitar requires that you be relaxed and focus at the same time. There might be times when you are really tense or when you are really not in the guitar playing mood. Your thoughts drift and you're doing things without thinking, automatically. And that is when things may go wrong. But... don't worry, it's natural. When you will get good enough you will start to... kinda... get better at aumatically detecting when you are slipping and automatically adjust for it. Or automatically and instantly focus. I'm not kidding! You'll see.

   6. Bad Hair Day

  Yeah. That too. If you don't feel too good about yourself one day for some reason, it may affect your guitar playing. It happens

   So, all that being said, just relax and take it easy. We all have our good days and we all have our bad ones. The trick is to... well... there is no trick. Just remember not to throw your guitar away.

Sad Guitar, Happy Guitar

To be continued...

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