Play the Guitar: Lesson 11

   In the previous part we've talked about chords A minor and E. Now we will talk about chords A and F.

    My First Chords (Part IV)

   These chords are an important step in our evolution as guitar players: they mark the transition from the open chords to barre chords. Is that important? Yes. Can we live without barre chords? M... no, not really, but more about that in another lesson, soon.

   The seventh guitar chord is: A

Guitar Chord A

   The eight guitar chord is: F

Guitar Chord F

   Try to hit only the four thin strings nice and easy, as usual, and hold the thumb on the back of the neck of the guitar, experimenting with different grips: high, low, lower, rotating your wrist back and forth. For the F chord - or little F, as it is known - you will have to rotate your wrist even lower than usual. The notation using the same finger twice means that you will use the tip of the index finger (noted with 1) to press down on both strings (or try to). This will give you a taste of things to come - not a pleasant one, I admit, I hated this chord. And still do!

   And... that's it! Now we know all the major chords plus two minor ones: A, _, C, D, E, F, G, Am, Em. You will notice the conspicuous absence of B, that is not because I forgot about it but because it is... difficult.

   What new songs can we play whit these chords? Like... all of them... Well, not exactly, but we are getting really close.  Next time we will talk about strumming, as promised. After that we will talk more about barre chords.

To be continued...

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