Play the Guitar: Lesson 10

   In the previous part we've talked about playing a song one chord at the time. As you have seen from the video, it sounds... well... not exactly right, but we will address that in another lesson very soon. Now we will talk about two more chords: Am and E.

   My First Chords (Part III)

Our first chords - C, D, Em and G - are quite capable of creating a song all by themselves, as demonstrated by our first two songs, Dancing in the Dark and San Francisco. Then again, those exact same songs have a few more chords in them, which can only mean one thing: we need to learn more.

   The fifth chord is: A minor

Fifht guitar chord is Am

   The sixth guitar chord is: E

Sixth guitar chord is E

   I will not insist which finger goes where, the pictures are pretty self explanatory. I will only mention that it is basically the same chord, only shifted a string up (or down). Try to hit only the four thin strings nice and easy, as usual, and hold the thumb on the back of the neck of the guitar, experimenting with different grips: high, low, lower, rotating your wrist back and forth.

   Tomorrow we will learn chords A and F and... that's it! We're playing the guitar! Next time (after tomorrow) we will talk a little about strumming, which will make our guitar playing far more interesting. Meanwhile keep practicing the chords and the songs you know. I assure you your fingers won't hurt anymore.

To be continued...

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