Fighting Against Internet Trash

   Starting last night I have blocked all images in my Internet browser. No images get through whatsoever. How did I get to this drastic decision? It's a long story.

   In the begining life was quiet

   In the old days, when the Internet was a magic realm known only to a few initiates, it was only text. There were just words and links to more... text. Storage was expensive, bandwidth was prohibitive, therefore images were simply not affordable.

   Then, the years passed and the technology advanced in leaps and bounds. Storage became far more affordable and so did bandwidth. Little by little modems gave way to high speed internet and so images became far more widespread.

   Which was fantastic!

   But then...

   Of course, the first usage of images was porn but... that's exactly what happened in the 1900s when the movies first came out so... no surprise there.

   But other than that, images made life on the Internets beautiful. They were fun, they were good, they had meaning and they generally were non invasive and non aggressive. They were mild mannered and made life richer.


   Some time ago - I have no idea when or why, exactly - somebody decided that it was OK to use images in an aggressive manner. Somebody decided that it was a good sales tactic to terrorize people with images. Aggressive images. Images of vile things. Image of terrible things.

   Or just images of people staring at you...

   In conclusion

   I have no idea who or why decided it was a good sales tactic to aggress and terorize people but I had enough. As of last night I have blocked all images in my internet browser. If I really want to see an image then... I'll find a way. So goodbye images of vile things. Goodbye you morons staring at me on twitter. Goodbye you idiots staring at me on Facebook. Goodbye you stupid people everywhere.

   Is this the end? Does the fight against internet trash end here? Probably not. This is only the begining.


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