Play the Guitar: Lesson 5

   In the previous part we've talked about chords C and D. Now we will talk a little about what we can do with those chords.

   My First Guitar Song

   One of my favorite songs is Dancing in the Dark, by Bruce Springsteen. It has lots of energy, it is fast, it is fun, it is simple. I know, it may not look very simple at first (and it didn't look that way to me, either) but it is. There is also the video, which manages to communicate energy and joy of living (Link to Youtube video, opens in a new tab).

   So. To play Dancing in the Dark all we need is: the guitar (obviously), the chords (Em, G, D, C and Am), the lyrics and the arrangement of the chords over those lyrics. We still don't know the Am chord, but we can simply skip it, for now. The lyrics and the chord arangement can be found here (Link to, opens in a new tab).

   Having all these elements, now all we have to do is listen to the music once or twice, following the tab at the same time. You'll see (and hear) what chords are used and when and how they change and repeat to create a great piece of music.

   Now we will just hit each chord - as we... ahem... sing the lyrics - only once, every time we see it noted on the guitar tab. We'll do it slow, there is no rush, there is no hurry and... that's it! We just played our first song ever!
   Fun, isn't it? Next time we will take some questions from the complaints department. Again.

Dancing in the Dark

To be continued...

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